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We have had chamber of commerce since 1931 with aim to provide arbitration services for the business community, by time past many political, economical and social changes have been accord and happened to chamber of commerce and brought the chamber with new approach of many tasks, responsibilities and service orientation based on market economy principle.

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) is an independent organization that is serving the advocacy and business facilitation needs for a burgeoning private sector economy. Currently, the Chamber represents over 90 % of the total Afghan work force.

ACCI is headquartered in Kabul and operates branch chambers in 21 provinces. Its current membership exceeds 37,000 private sector organizations which include 25 major business associations who represent a vast majority of the total Afghan workforce.

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) is an independent, legal, non-government, non-profit and non-political organization which serves the private sector of Afghanistan and strives to facilitate an environment conducive to the economic development of the country. ACCI provides local business and international investors with the support they need for successful operations in Afghanistan, and achieves this through private sector related to public policy advocacy, investment and trade promotion as well as other services.

Through its business advocacy, the Chamber is seeking a balance between regulation and revenue. As a vehicle for promoting trade and investment, it is opening new markets for Afghan products, matching potential buyers with potential sellers, and advancing the investment narrative of the nation. From access to networks of global partners, the Chamber is acquiring valuable market information and international lobbying services on behalf of the Afghan business community.

Balkh Province is one of the key provinces of Afghanistan and Mazar-e Sharif is considered as second important city after the capital of Afghanistan. The estimated economic growth in the Balkh Province for the year 2011 is twenty two percent (22%). The high growth is mainly due to relatively high level of security and infrastructure, as well as active business community. Balkh is considered as the only province, where traders feel secure to conduct their businesses. There are 272,000 hectares of irrigated land, from which 150,000 hectares are under usage. In addition, there are 450,000 hectares of rain-fed land; there are fourteen (14) districts (Balkh, Dehdadi, Chaharbolak, Dawlatabad, Nahreshahi, Chemtal, Sholgara, Keshendeh, Khulm, Shortepa, Kaldar, Marmul, Zari, Charkent) in Balkh Province. 

Balkh Province has business relations with China, Pakistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Korea, Russia, Dubai and some other countries. The biggest role in province’s economic activity has Hairatan border, which links the Province and the rest of Afghanistan with other countries. Recently railway from Uzbekistan to Mazar City has been utilized that influences the economy and thus development of the Province and the region. The most important products of Balkh are dry fruits, fresh fruits, crops, karakul skin, which have a substantial share in the Afghanistan export. There are 1971 construction, trading, logistic and service company in Mazar-e-Sharif including pump stations, Balkh export 18.5 Million USD to 18 country of the world such china, Iraq, Iran, India, Japan, Turkey, Russian, Canada, Holland, Denmark, England, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia in 2011.

Balkh province as second largest city in Afghanistan with high volume of trade and commerce (1.65 out of 6.5 Billion Dollar in year and have geo-economic and geo-politic location with untapped investment opportunity in agriculture, mining, small and medium size industry, textile, processing industry, Poultry, vocational parks, high education, health service provision and others.

Balkh province beside high level of security and untapped economic opportunities is faced with luck of business information though business organizations like BCCI and AISA is active in this province, one of the important and concrete task of BCCI is providing business information from the market as up to date, therefore there is need to  give the right support and strategic direction to Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) to provide update business information by Conduction business survey from Balkh Business Community. Fortunately The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) fully embraces this ideal and is positioning itself as the leading voice of a dynamic, competitive and rapidly growing Afghan private sector. 

BCCI, as the representative membership organization of Afghan business community, provides leadership and services towards the enhancement of an enabling private sector environment in which local and international businesses can prosper in the interest of employment and local wealth creation.

International affiliate offices of ACCI have been opened in the USA, Netherlands, UAE, Canada, UK, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan. The chamber has also signed Memorandum of Understanding with Iran, Pakistan and China for joint chambers to promote trade and strengthen the economic relationship between these countries.

Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI) is a branch of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) which serves the private sector and promotes investment, economic development and trade in Balkh province.  

Despite worsened security and political situation in Afghanistan, Northern region has maintained its smooth contribution to macroeconomic stability of the country, mostly due to relatively high level of security and stability.

The ancient and historic city of Balkh in Afghanistan had been called "the mother of cities" by Arabs many centuries ago and it has been the cradle of civilization for 5000 years and center of learning culture and religious since 7th century.

Balkh is the hub and gateway for trade, commerce and transit routes to and from central Asia to the rest of the world which is rapidly expanding in size and growing in population, Balkh province is the breeding ground of major economic activities, an economic hub with resources for investment, paving the ground for private sector to flourish. It is fast growing emerging market of strategic importance, close to some of the largest and fastest growing market in central Asia and seeing the renaissance of its past glory ones again in 21st century.

Balkh is the most attractive province of Afghanistan for visitors particularly for the blue mosque of Hazrate Ali shrine as well as many other historical venues, Mazar-e-Sharif is a thriving city in Balkh which is well known for its export of carpets, cotton, wool, karakul and various agriculture product to the world markets, the city is safe and peaceful for everybody to live or visit and good opportunity for domestic and foreign investment with high profit margin.

Balkh chamber of commerce is steeped in history having been established for more than 50 years, like the business environment over the decades, it has changed and adapted accordingly. Today's chamber is a modern, innovative, membership-based business support organization that exists to connect its members to much wider opportunity. In order to provide better services for the members and business community to be able to access networking by internet world wide and nationwide, we decided to go online; we have launched our new website so that our services should be available to everybody in Afghanistan as well as overseas .Balkh chamber of commerce is a provincial chamber of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and over the years have established itself to become the prominent independent and the voice of private sector in Balkh province, to learn more about the Balkh chamber of commerce please call (0093) or go to our website

The chamber offers a whole host of benefits for its members and these are regularly reviewed by the board to ensure that we are offering what our members need in their businesses. It is important for members to feedback what they want from the chamber and pleases; do let us know how you think the chamber can help your business in further step of development.


Arash Younosi
Balkh Chamber of Commerce & Industry