Mr. Nasir Qasimi the CEO of BCCI have met the ILO staffs from Geneva and discussed the cooperation between BCCI and R2J project of ILO. Mr. Qasimi praised the good cooperation and the excellent impact of the project in Balkh and Samangan Provinces.
Mr. Arash Younosi the chairman of BCCI along with Balkh Prominent business leaders have met the new appointed General Consul of Uzbekistan in Mazar-i-sharif. Mr. Younosi said the business community of Balkh enjoyed a good relation with Uzbek businesses and we are keen to extend it further.
Mr. Arash Younosi the Chairman of BCCI met Mr. Karsten Diethelm Geier Consulate General of Germany in Mazar-i-Sharif. In the following meeting Mr. Younosi appreciated the support and cooperation of German Government such as Infrastructure, capacity building and creating employment programs in Afghanistan especially in North Zone and Balkh Province. Mr. Karsten Diethelm Geier thanked Balkh Chamber of Commerce & Industries for their initial support in implementing of German Government programs. In the last both side emphasized on mutual cooperation to improve the economy of Balkh Province.
On the occasion of New year 1398 and Naw-roz festival celebration, Balkh Chamber of Commerce & Industries Invited the foreign countries Consulate Generals for a dinner banquet. In the following banquet where all foreign Consulate Generals in Mazar-i-sharif were present along with businessmen from Balkh province, Mr. Arash Younosi the chairman of BCCI welcomed them and shared talks about the economical achievements as well the good relation between Balkh and Region countries and appreciated the Consulate Generals for their cooperation and support in order to consolidate and strengthening of Commercial and relation
Mr. Arash Younosi the chairman of BCCI met with H.E Ambassador of Republic of Kazakhstan Kabul. In the following meeting both side exchanged views about the commercial and economical relation of Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. Ambassador of Republic of Kazakhstan emphasized on expansion & strengthening of Cordial between Afghanistan & Kazakhstan. in the last both parties promised to extend their cooperation and bring more facilities for both countries business society.
Its schedule that 14th annual Afghan-American conference summit will be held in Washington D.C of United States of America on 29th April 2019. Hence, on 28th Feb 2019 the board member of Afghan-America chamber of commerce with the close coordination of Balkh chamber of commerce & industries had a meeting with Balkh business society. In this meeting they shared a very brief information about the following conference & Event which will take place in Washington D.C to Balkh business society as well both side exchanged views and ideas about bringing of more facilities to improve and expand the relation and investments in Balkh Province. In last Board member of BCCI on behalf Balkh and North Zone Business Community appreciated from conducting of such conferences for expanding of business relation and showed their full support.

Mr. Arash Younosi the chairman of Balkh Chamber of Commerce & Industries alongside other businesspersons from different sector had a meeting with Ms. Kamila Siddiqi Minister of Commerce & Industries and Mr. Seroos Ulaaf Delegate of President on economy sector in Balkh Chamber of commerce & industries building.

In the beginning Mr. Younosi welcomed Minister of Commerce & Industries and Delegate of President to Balkh province, and in the following meeting they discussed about the challenges, opportunities, investments, transit problems of private sector and businesspersons in Balkh province.

Ms. Kamila Siddiqi said that the government is working hard to create & bring more facilities for the private sector to create new routes of export to foreign countries and their main objective from this meeting is to exchange ideas and discuss about the opportunities and challenges that the private sector is facing them.

Following that, Mr. Seroos Ulaaf added that the Government is working hard to raise Afghanistan economy and make them exporter country and export its products to worldwide through Air Corridors and Land Corridors.

In the last, Board of Director BCCI alongside the Minister of Commerce & Industries and Delegate of President visited from Tak Dry Fruits company.

In Kunduz Province, 35 Raisin houses worth 16 million Afghanis are inaugurated. Each Raisin house has the capacity of converting 5-7 MTs of grapes to raisin. Also, each house cost 8800 $, of which 75% is paid by MAIL through NHLP program and 25% is paid by the Farmers.

Mr. Nasir Qasimi the Ceo of BCCI met with Ms. Tracy Mitchell the Senior Global Practice Specialist on Agriculture, Agribusiness and Food security from DAI (USAID).

In the following meeting they discussed about export of afghan dry and fresh fruits to abroad through air corridor which is opened recently from Balkh to Istanbul and other European cities by Turkish airline as well they discussed about opportunities as well challenges that private sector is facing and both side emphasized and  agreed on future mutual cooperation.

Alchin bridge which is located in Kunduz province in North zone of Afghanistan and connect Afghanistan with Tajiskitan has reconstructed by Kunduz Directorate of Public works and financial Support of Germany.

This bridge is one of the important economical route in Afghanistan.

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